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About the Revista Innovación Educativa: a note on the Journal’s history

In the spring of 2001 Educational Innovation appeared for the first time, and, since then, has been published without interruption even in the midst of difficulties common to all editorial projects of this nature. It began as an institutional project and then (…) it expanded and transcended.

Now (…) it has changed in format and design, increased the number of pages, and expanded its coverage; however, that is not all a third period under a new editorial coordination means. It signified an exercise in renewal that, as such, required a self-examination in order to transform ourselves and continue. Renewing oneself entails the implicit action of self-reflection. Renewing is discovering with a clear gaze that which remains behind without being tied to an immobile past. Renewing is being aware of the present and that which we have lost without being conditioned by suffering of nostalgia.

But it is, above all, an act of bravery—in the most profound Greek ideal of andreia or the virtue of courage—because in the midst of the transformation a society, an institution, or a person is undergoing, it is through bravery that we can renew and recover the original meaning of something, even what that means suffering, nostalgia, and the effort to recognize, by means of self-questioning, that which hinders our growth. Renewing is changing without stopping being, without losing one’s identity. That’s why the idea of renewal and the impetus for academic consolidation define this third era of Educational Innovation.*


*Quoted from: Martínez Ruiz, X. (2012). Innovación Educativa, del Instituto Politécnico Nacional, issue 58, volume XII, January April, p. 1​


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